Following the transition of our current head of digital marketing to Bid Manager, 3DDB are now looking for the right person to fill the vacant role. The
primary responsibilities for this role are to:
a) build upon and further grow our brand through our social media channels
b) to increase traffic to our website resulting in indirect sales.
The person will be tasked with the management and growth of our current online social channels, in particular LinkedIn, along with the management and
maintenance of our website CMS. (currently on the WordPress platform). The following are the existing top line responsibilities of the role:
• Further developing and execution of our integrated online digital strategy for the company.
• Managing and developing effective Social Media Campaigns.
• Ongoing content creation and copywriting relevant to our industry and target market.
• Assisting with the development of SEO strategy.
• Manage all execution of SEM, SEO, and Adwords campaigns and formulate optimisation strategies.
• Analyse market & competitor trends keep abreast of new technology.
• Metric driven, full working knowledge of Google Analytics & an ability to interpret data.
We are looking for a ‘can do’ person with both a technical and creative side to them who has the ability not only carry out existing tasks within the role but
to have the initiative, drive and foresight to bring new ideas to the table. They should be able to identify what we are doing right and more importantly what
we could be doing better. The successful candidate must be highly organized and motivated. They will be expected to collaborate and integrate within our
design team to understand and track what is happening within the company and on projects in order to push relevant and engaging content. It is vital that
the successful candidate is fluent in written and verbal English and they must also have strong research abilities which is essential for the industry specific
content creation.
Skillset & Experience.
• 1-2years digital marketing experience.(Industry related preferred but not essential)
• Proven track record in analysing and measuring data, meeting targets, and using metrics to help grow engagement, traffic and followership.
• Experience in website CMS management – preferably WordPress.
• Experienced on all things SEO from keyword analysis and implementation to search platform trends.
• Exceptional organizational and planning skills and experience in content planning and strategy.
• Experience in creating and managing social media advert campaigns.
The Type of Person We Are Looking.
• Fluent English is a must! Excellent written and verbal communication skills essential!
• Good research ability.
• A genuine and keen interest & understanding in our industry (3D) and related industries/target market (AEC sector) along with a passion for technology.
• Warm and personable character that works well in a collaborative environment and who’s values align with our own values.
• Self-motivation and ability to work unsupervised (This role requires someone that has initiative and an inquisitive mind that will seek new ideas and
innovations relating to our industry.

About 3D Design Bureau

3D Design Bureau are an experienced, dynamic and forward thinking 3D Studio. We are a talented, coordinated team of skilled individuals
consisting of architects, engineers, BIM experts, 3D artists and post production designers. We work closely with all our clients, applying our
ethos to each and every project.
We specialise in 3D processes that include digital 3D Modelling, BIM Modelling, 3D Visualisation and 3D Rendering. We offer a range of 3D
services and deliverables across our integrated 3D Departments of Architectural Visualisation, Virtual Reality, BIM, 3D Product Design, 3D
Printing, 3D Graphics and Virtual Shopfronts.
Our 3D work improves design, enhances communication, strengthens decision making and maximises marketing strategies. Individually or
collectively, these project objectives result in the saving of time and money. From Architectural Visualisation & VR to BIM and 3D Product
Design, our work solves problems from design through to planning and beyond into marketing.
Company Values:
The following are some of the core company values within 3DDB. Each and every team member must buy in and believe in these as they
are what the company is built upon and play a key role in the contuinued growth of the brand.
Honesty | Loyalty | Hard work | Team Work | Responsibility – (no excuses) | No Bullshit! | Respect | Positivity | Pride | Mental Wellbeing