CRM Manager

As Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) you will need to know the needs and behaviour of YourSmileDirect’s customers and have knowledge of the problems consumers want to be solved. As well as dealing with customer requests, you must offer ideas and insights as a means of helping to improve their experience. The CRM Manager role is data driven and built upon core insights in customer behaviour, the details of which are used to create a tangible marketing plan.

CRM Manager Job Duties:

• Planning and delivering CRM strategies across the organisation with a view to retaining existing customers, increasing brand loyalty and expanding the company brand.

• Deciding on a final CRM structure and architecture that will work seamlessly across the business and capture crucial information along the sales funnel.

• Making sure the customer database is correctly segmented for targeted marketing activities.

• Collaborating with other departments ensure the CRM strategy works well for every aspect of the business.

• Development of testing strategies to guarantee the most efficient approach for the organisation and its customers.

• Coming up with creative ideas, preparing proposals, overseeing the production process & execution and reporting the results to the relevant people.

CRM Manager Job Qualifications:

• The ability to meet tight deadlines and outstanding time management skills.

• Teamworking and leadership skills.

• Excellent communication skills as you must speak with clients, employees, and customers.

• Commercial awareness, developing a keen understanding of the YSD target market and having the ability to create campaigns that grab the attention for customers and solves their problems.

• Top quality analytical skills. A big part of your job involves gathering and analysing data to help you understand your customer base and coming up with suggestions for improving the existing strategy.

• Bachelor’s Degree or higher.

• 4+ years of experience in a Digital Marketing role.

• Strong communication skills, both written and verbal.

• Experience in the health and/or beauty industry is a plus.

• Exceptional work ethic, someone who is willing to go the extra mile in a fast-paced environment.