I am currently representing a major ecommerce brand with operations across 30 counties in 18 languages.

They are looking for a senior PPC Manager who will be responsible for PPC performance across the globe.

The role:

* manage PPC strategy and implementation of the campaigns across Adwords & Bing platforms
* Develop and implement a/b testing strategies across both platforms
* Manage campaign planning, budgeting, optimisation and reporting
* Manage keywords bids , impression share, quality scores and various other metrics
* Deliver creative copy and ad templates
* Manage campaign localisation process across various languages
* Manage PPC sales funnel and identify space for improvement
* Develop and manage retargeting strategy across static and dynamic space
* Establish and deliver ROI targets
* Manage Web analysis and provide regular reports on search performance
* Manage landing page copy optimisation

Skills required :

* 5 years of experience in developing and executing PPC strategy.
* Solid experience across retargeting and dynamic ads
* Experience in developing , implementing and optimising paid social strategies
* Strong analytics skills across web analysis, social media and google analytics.
* Excellent attention to details and ability to spot and resolve technical campaign issues
* Excellent project management skills and time management